What Employers ask when Interviewing a New Hire

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The recruitment and selection is one of the most important processes in any organization because it determines the kind of employees who are hired to help the organization attain its set goals. This is why employers are very keen during this process in order to ensure that they only get the best. During the interviewing process here are some of the things that employers ask a new hire.

Tell us more about you?

This is usually the first question that employers ask a new hire during the interview. The question helps the employer understand the new hire more both in personal and professional life. This is also a question that helps employers understand how the new hire can organize himself or herself in mind. The ability an employee explains his life from the time he or she was born until the day of the interview will give employers a clue on how the new hire can organize him in various aspects in work.

Why did you apply for this job?

This is another question that employers ask a new hire in order to understand if he or she has what it takes to help the organization attain its goals. The question also helps employers be able to find out of the new hire has the right motivation when applying for the specific job being interviewed. It also helps employers know if the new hire understands what is expected of him or her when performing all the duties.

What is your work experience?

This is another question that employers ask new hires. Employers like hiring candidate with several years of experience in the position they are hiring. A new hire with experience will help an organization reduce the overall cost of training and onboarding the new hire into the organization. It also helps the employers understand if the experience a new hire has will help the organization in any way or whether it is related to the specific position he or she is being interviewed for.

What change will you bring to the organization?

Employers always look forward to hire new employees who have the ability to bring positive change in the organization. They will like the candidates to demonstrate the strategies they have to ensure that the organization reaches greater heights in performance. The employers look at candidate with realistic expectations on what they can do to help the organization meet the set goals and organization.

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